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Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a collaborative working methodology for the creation and management of construction projects. Its objective is to centralise all the project information in a digital information model created by and for all its agents.

SANJOSE, that considers the digital transformation of the construction sector and the optimisation and efficiency in the management of its projects to be key, has implemented a BIM Information Management System that complies with the requirements established in ISO 19650 standard.

The values provided by BIM are reflected in SANJOSE's BIM Policy, where the following strategic principles stand out:

  • Optimisation and improvement of process management.
  • Compliance with clients’ and users’ requirements regarding assets generated, offering them active participation in the projects.
  • Predictability of the projects, seeking to minimise risks, improve decision-making and search for the digital twin of the asset built.
  • Transparency of all processes with reliable information.
  • Continuous and fluid coordination and collaboration of all those involved in the project throughout the life cycle, centralising information in a collaborative environment.
  • Use of BIM as a methodology for streamlining procurement and repository of data so as to meet the objectives of the circular economy.
  • Potential to collect and disseminate knowledge and lessons learned in in-house processes.

SANJOSE has obtained recognition of its BIM Management System by obtaining the AENOR certificate of conformity for BIM Information Management:

Type of Certification: BIM Information Management | Certification No: BIM-2022/0007