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Grupo SANJOSE considers Risk Management as a key business element essential for a sound and responsible management.

The globalisation requires an extensive knowledge of new markets and a detailed analysis of new risks. Adequate prevention programmes and risk mitigation systems adapted to the environment are an important differentiating value.

Prevention of Workplace Risks
According to the preventive policy of the Group, people are the main asset to protect and their safety is the main objective.

There is an Occupational Risks Consolidated Management System which, in compliance with OHSAS 18001, reflects the preventive policy of the group applicable to the entire organisation. The universality of its objectives and the continuous training of teams allow the appropriate adaptation to the needs and requirements of any country within this issue.

Within the Health and Safety arena, prevention is the main tool of risk management and Grupo SANJOSE strongly commits to it.

The definition of an adequate insurance policy and its materialisation trough the procurement of efficient insurance plans are essential for an adequate Risk Management.

This area works to achieve the best protection possible by forecasting and analysing the specific risks of each project, the applicable regulation of the different countries of action and the most suitable conjugation between the best international insurance programmes and those of the target country.

The support of senior management members and the coordinated and orderly work of all areas involved allow the optimisation of protection levels and eliminate uncertainties and provide confidence to customers and shareholders.